The Beginning of Year 2

I know that my East Coast Library School brethren have been at the books for almost a month now and I am finally joining them. Today has been a hectic day of hurriedly reading new class websites, downloading pdfs to read, and watching introductory lectures. UW has moved to a new online educational platform, Canvas, which I have only used once previously in tandem with our previous Catalyst tools. Let’s just say that the new shift has me feeling like a first year student all over again as I scramble to relearn the platform. I think scrambling is a great way to describe how I always feel on the first day of class. Scrambling to understand what classes want of me and scrambling to finish the first set of readings and assignments. The first week of the quarter is always a scramble.

The new school year will also bring about some changes to this blog. I am enrolled in a Social Media special topics class which means I will be revamping some parts of this blog (About page I’m looking at you) as well as writing social media geared posts. I am hoping this class will take me from being a dabbling library student to a fine tuned social media machine. My first action on this road was finally claiming this blog on Technorati.

Also I want to extend a hearty welcome to my fellow classmates who are reading my blog for the first time! I’m looking forward to an interesting quarter.


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