My name is Sara Beckman and I’m a local history girl. I am a library and information science masters student in my second year at the University of Washington. This blog will my experiences in library school and my evolving perception of the library and archival world. Many of my posts will be motivated by my current classes and therefor the content of my posts will fluctuate from quarter to quarter. I will also at times chime in with my own opinions on hot, current topics in the library world.  I hope this blog will be a great resource for anyone currently in library school or interested in attending library school.

Where does the local history part come in? This blog is overwhelmingly about my experience as a library student, but I also have a passion for local history. It was this passion that led me to library school. After I graduate I hope I can find a job working with local history in some capacity either in a museum, archive, library, or tangentially by working with a local corporation preserving their corporate history. I believe that every citizen has a right to be able to easily learn about the history of his or her community. I hope that new technologies partnered with social media will make primary and secondary historical sources easily accessible to any citizen and that new conversations will begin.

Please don’t be a stranger! Leave a comment. You can also find me on Twitter @BookwormBeckman or email me at seb17@uw.edu


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